Welcome to MagnaVision. MagnaVision was created as an easy to use visual communications tool for our customers and suppliers to interact with International Magnaproducts in real time. MagnaVision can support webinars, design or logistic discussions, share product knowledge, and stage presentations.

MagnaVision also hosts content for education about magnets, magnetic design and materials knowledge. You can access these education materials by clicking on Magnets 101 to find a series of immediately accessible content.

There are several ways to access MagnaVision which will directly connect you with one of our solution engineers either in our conference room or at our desks. 

Join Me

Call IMI to schedule a Join.Me video conference to discuss your needs with our engineers by going to https://join.me/IMImagnets  and entering: Conference ID: 678-795-575  

  Launch Join.me Conference


Our Skype user name is magnet_imi and the U.S. phone number is: (219)728-4753.  

Website Chat

To directly contact one of our solution engineers, please select the chat button at the bottom right hand side of your screen.  

Thanks for contacting IMI, we are ready to provide solutions for your questions, problems, or design needs anytime.