MagScan 2016

How can you tell if your design is correct for an application, magnetically? This question has been asked so many times by our customers, IMI was determined to design a state of the art MagScan electronic magnetic field strength scanner to visually show our customers how their design would affect the magnetics in their application. This provides our customers with 3D color images that show not only polarity, but also flux density with associated values as well as a visual color ramp to show the field strength of a magnetic design.

When you buy a magnetinfo-icon, what are you getting? For starters, a piece of metal alloy or bonded plastic material that has a shape that fits into your design. If it isn’t magnetized, it’s worthless in your desired application. What you really bought was flux to create a mechanical/electrical connection in your design, because magnets are transducers of energy- changing mechanical energy to electrical energy and vice versa.

In our magnetics laboratory with the MagScan, IMI can program in the parameters of the magnetinfo-icon and resolution of the field, and even adjust to the exact air gap needed between the lens and the magnetinfo-icon. Once the scan is complete, the result yields a series of images in 2D (flat scan) and 3D viewing.

For a limited time, IMI is reducing the price to run a MagScan from $100.00 per scan to $24.99 for each 3D magnetinfo-icon scan. We have several ways to discuss and collaborate in real-time with our new state of the art MagnaVision conferencing center. Our top engineers will evaluate and interpret the results of the 3D visual scans and color ramp to show the field strength of your design, and will also include a consultation with you to improve your design and find the best material for your application at no cost to you.

International Magnaproducts, Inc. (IMI)  (888) 862-1898 is a distributor and sales agent for permanent magnetinfo-icon producers worldwide. Established in 1982 as a result of customer requests for new and unique magnetic materials, IMI was formed to locate the best producers in the world. IMI’s mission is to assist in the design and supply of cost effective magnetic materials for their customers. We represent 28 different factories from 11 countries.