CuNiFe is a copper (60%) nickel (20%) iron (20%) alloy that was developed and has the same linear coefficient of expansion as certain types of glass. It is basically a cast ingot which is made in the “Book Mold” method in bars that are approximately 28 inches long and 2.5 inches o.d.  After casting and shaking the bars out of the mold; they are then cold rolled into the strips through a swaging method to the approximate size the final product will be made from.

It must be heat treated after swaging and stamping if it is to be a flat stamped piece such as a speedometer magnetinfo-icon, a wire shape for sensors, or to be made into shorter pieces.  This called the annealing process which controls the final magnetic properties of the magnetinfo-icon.

If you been in the magnetinfo-icon industry for a while, (or a guitar lover) you have heard of CuNiFe and know that this material is no longer being manufactured. IMI is now offering assistance substituting this material using either Sintered Alnicoinfo-icon 2 or Sintered 6.  For engineers deciding the best alternate material for their application and needs call IMI – (219) 465-1998 or check out our E-Commerce website at Magnets Online and request more information.

There is also a material called Iron Chrome Cobalt which also has some properties that can be used in the same manner that CuNiFe was used. Whatever your needs International Magnaproducts, Inc. will help find the right fit.

Guitar aficionados will remember that in 1972 the Fender Telecaster Thinline was designed by Seth Lover with a wide range humbucker pickup which used ONLY threaded CuNiFe magnets as pole pieces and it holds a split pole piece (3 per coil) arrangement.   As CuNiFe can lose its magnetism over time, sourcing and finding good sounding originals is quite a challenge for those who stay true to the design.

Currently, replicating the articulation, chime, and pitch of the original 70’s WRHB is achieved by blending AlNiCoinfo-icon rod magnets along with CuNiFe threaded magnets.  Guitars MIJ (Made in Japan) use ceramic magnets and MIM’s (Made in Mexico) Alnicoinfo-icon.  Our engineers at IMI are available anytime to help guitar lovers find the best alternative alloy combination for their needs.

     IMI has been successful in offering our customers with CuNiFe replacement on a case by case basis using some imagination and 50 years of knowledge within the magnetinfo-icon industry, depending on the size and application requirements of the design.

International Magnaproducts Incorporated (IMI) (219) 465-1998 is a distributor and sales agent for permanent magnetinfo-icon producers worldwide. Established in 1982 as a result of customer requests for new and unique magnetic materials, IMI was formed to locate the best producers in the world. IMI’s mission is to assist in the design and supply of cost effective magnetic materials for their customers. We represent 28 different factories from 11 countries.